Innovative Beauty Products: 2011 Packaging Trends in Innovation

Sunday, June 26, 2011

2011 Packaging Trends in Innovation

Love, love, love this article by GCI in their April 2011 issue on 2011 packaging trends. Check it out for more details on the latest in trends. GCI Trends in Packaging 2011

The article identifies 9 trends that are really popping up all over the industry. These trends incorporate many innovative techniques in packaging that are extremely eye catching to consumers quickly drawing them in to discover new and existing products. Others trends are simply novel and fun to keep up with what consumers want today.

Packaging of beauty products is the first thing a consumer sees when they are introduced to a product and companies invest top dollar in their packaging. Some companies follow trends while many others steer clear, either way its important to know what trends are out there right now to inspire new and innovative packaging concepts for the future. Innovation doesn't always have to be hard, often its taking what exists and making it better!

According to GCI's April 2011 issue, 9 trends in packaging are prevalent in 2011. Many of the trends were continued from 2009 and 2010, while new trends emerged in 2011.

Trend #1
Geometric / Deconstructed Shapes: non traditional shapes and forms in symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes.

Trend #2
Japanese inspired packaging, extremely trendy for beauty products.


Trend # 3
Gothic Packaging dark and edgy. 

Trend #4
Pop culture packages tying pop culture to the product, i.e. OPI's Glee nail polish.

Trend #5
Novel packaging that quickly draws the consumers attention with a new shape or packaging technique.

Trend #6
Tropical/Beach packaging with bright/bold colors, images and names giving that tropical feel.

Trend #7
60's Era packaging that evokes shapes and styles of the 60's and iconic funky patterns.

Trend #8
Logo Patterns...need I say more? Brands incorporating their logo on their products is a big trend in 2011 and years past, linking the product directly with the brand. 

Trend #9
Industrial themes in packaging especially in men's products. The industrial steel look has been trendy to give products a tough and edgy look.

While some things may come and go... lets hope these trends and packaging techniques inspire innovation! 

Article inspiration and reference:

2011 Beauty Packaging Identity Trends

By: Aniko Hill

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