Innovative Beauty Products

Friday, September 2, 2011

Bare Escentuals READY(TM) eyeshadows, innovative formulation, technology and color

BareMinerals READY(TM) is more than an eye shadow. It's an innovative concept that includes cold process technology to manufacture the eye shadow, formulated with powerful antioxidants and ingredients for anti-aging.

Not only will this eye shadow deliver vibrant colors, its innovative formula provides many benefits unique for makeup products! The benefits help protect and revitalize the eye while delivering vibrant eye color.

The cold process formula also is paraben free with no fillers, binders or chemicals. A multi-functional high performing eyeshadow with skin benefits, without additives.

The line includes 15 duo shades and four quads each with vibrant and pure color to illuminate your eyes. The eye shadows will be available in the US October 2011.

Inspiration from Bare Minerals by Bare Escentuals,

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Innovative Beauty Products from Within

We have all heard that our inner beauty is our "real" or "true" beauty and it radiates out... but what about products that are ingestible, products that can be eaten and add to the our overall outer appearance and beauty?

A growing trend in the beauty industry is just that... ingestible products or nutricosmetics. The ingestible trend is the hottest growth segment in the estimated $45 billion dollar beauty business.

Just launched, was innovative skin-smart beauty brews by Tea Forte. Tea Forte's USDA organic, Fair Trade Certified teas promote beauty from within by helping contribute to healthy skin. They are blended with ingredients to fight ageing by fighting oxygen radicals that cause the progression of ageing.

There are several flavors in  tea collection and go for $5.95 per 16 count package.
Innovative Flavors: 
Cucumber Mint with Green Tea for Youth Recovery
Honey Yuzu with Green Tea for Natural Renewal
Cherry Marzipan with Green Tea for Corrective Repair
Swiss Apple with Red Tea for Skin Support
Lychee Coconut with White Tea for Radiant Skin


Innovative edible beauty products do not stop there... check out Urban Decays Sparkling Lickable Body Powder. Although it is not a nutricosmetic, and only gives the added benefit of tasting good, this product is still innovative and exciting. Available in honey, cocoa, and marshmallow... they not only sound delicious but the powders offer a glowing shimmer, great smell and delicious taste good. What girl wouldn't want her body powder to taste good? ;)

Many innovative beauty products are being launched within this edible trend  As it continues to grow I am sure we will continue to see more exciting innovative products on the market. 


Friday, July 8, 2011

New at MAC - GLAMGLASS Fall 2011

The latest collection for MAC lovers is the Glamglass Collection to debut for Fall 2011.

The collection features innovative non sticky lip glosses and lip pencils so amazing your lips will look yummy!
The best part is the Glamglass lip glosses have an innovative applicator, a new brush that delivers the perfect amount of lip gloss upon application. This is great news for me, a constant lip gloss offender!

11 Glamglass lip glosses (loving this creative name btw... was getting sick of just lip gloss) and 8 lip pencils are included in the collection. Look for the collection to be out the end of July/ beginning of August and don't be surprised if they are hard to find!

New Innovative Glamglass Lip gloss
  • Casual Air
  • It's A Wow
  • Check This Out
  • Rich And Witty
  • Comfort And Joy
  • Famously Fab!
  • Tour De Fabulous
  • Knockout
  • Style-Packed
  • Rich Bounty
  • Real Posh

New Innovative Lip pencils:
  • What Comes Naturally
  • Hip 'n' Happy
  • Have To Have It
  • Just Wonderful
  • Entertain Me
  • Lasting Sensation
  • Embrace Me
  • Just My Type

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