Innovative Beauty Products: P&G one of the pioneers in 'Omics' a new beauty innovation!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

P&G one of the pioneers in 'Omics' a new beauty innovation!

P&G 'Omics" 

P&G like many other skin care researchers are pioneering the way to study not just genomics but proteomics and metabolomics to study hundreds of genes and protein expression changes at the same time, unlike in the past when researches studied one gene at a time. 

Genomics has been popular over the past 2 decades but now companies like P&G will pioneer the study of genomics, proteomics and metabolomics ... mapping the entire biological system to discover new innovations to obtain better skin and hair. 

The science of  'omics ' (P&G 'Omics" )
  • Genomics- studies gene activity or 'expression' and describes how genes function, interact with one another and respond to environmental stimuli
  • Proteomics-studies proteins and the way they change as a result of gene activity
  • Metabolomics- studies how changes in genes and proteins impact biochemical processes within the cell.

Truly innovating ! I can't wait to see the new products with the growth of research!

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