Innovative Beauty Products: A Green Standard Launched to Certify Cosmetic Product Life Cycle... finally!

Monday, May 23, 2011

A Green Standard Launched to Certify Cosmetic Product Life Cycle... finally!

Green Seal Inc. has created a new standard for personal care products and cosmetics from start to finish. The new standards takes a look at the overall effect on the environment, health and performance of products that we use everyday on our bodies and hair. These products include: moisturizers, lotions, creams, hair products, nail polish, make up, deodorants and more. 

Some manufacturers are simply looking at the chemical formula of their product and I am glad to see a standard set to look at the WHOLE picture from the components to the package to the testing of the product (no testing on animals, included). With GREEN a big trend in cosmetics/personal care products, and meaning something different to each manufacturer... it is a step in the right direction to finally set a standard.

The green standard incorporates, social responsibility, label requirements and FINALLY definitions for claims like natural, bio-based and organic, terms that are so vague now a days when every manufactures claims their product is natural or organic... what does that even mean today?

Manufacturers that agree to these standards require quality assurance and control practices to be set in order for the entire facility. It is a big task to take on, but definitely will be rewarded with increased consumer trust.

To read more about the guidelines : Green Seal Guidelines for Cosmetics/Personal Care Products

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